Monday, February 7, 2011

De clutter time :)

I always seem to collect things along the way in every home I have ever lived in. I have live in about 16 places since I moved to wollongong in the year 2000! OMG I have been offically living down in the gong for 10 YEARS where the hell has the time gone? Well this year its all about starting and sticking to my new year resultions. So far I have started three!
1. Unfinished artwork :) whilst rocking a bouncer with my foot to keep my bubba asleep
2. New and positive outlook on life, starting with my 31 days of thankfulness in January posted on facebook 3. Joined weight watchers online, Im finally going to shift the weight that my two beautiful children have given me...
4. De clutter... Im going to start with my clothes in my bedroom, this is because I can no longer clothes away BECAUSE I DONT HAVE ENOUGH ROOM!!!

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